Sep 142008

In Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles, a movie I liked very much, we are introduced to the Superhero Frozone voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. The character is likable right away but the codename bothered me. I understand the play on the word “frozen” since the hero’s powers are based on freezing things but “fro”? He has no afro so I have to assume he’s called Frozone because he’s Black. I suppose it’s better than calling him Black Ice, though not by much. I guess we haven’t outgrown putting a Black character’s color in his name.

Frozone’s powers are like that of comic book characters, Iceman, and Ice. In fact he seems to be a combination of the two. As far as his representation of Black people I’d say he’s a little better than middle of the road. The character is interesting but not exciting enough to stand in his own movie or comic book. Shooting ice from your fingertips is not a bad power. His character is married and he appears to be faithful except for moonlighting as a superhero. In fact his wife knows about his abilites and alter ego. The hero is clearly Black in look, voice, and attitude but also very non-threatening which enables him to appeal to all ages and people. He was number one on the list of Black Voices dubious list of the Top 25 Black Superheroes.

Disney has done right by the character in terms of marketing and exposure. They gave him a secret identity, (Lucius Best), and bit of a life outside being a Superhero. He has multiple action figures both in and out of costume. He even appears at Disney venues much like Snow White and Mickey Mouse. You can even have your picture taken with Frozone. I look forward to see what becomes of this character.

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  1. I interpreted the name Frozone to be a combination of the words frozen, and ozone. The fro- in reference to afro or afro-american is an added plus. Not sure if they inteded it to work on that level though.

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