Feb 192009

In DC’s Final Crisis #7 we got to glimpse an alternate earth where the President of the United States is not only black but also that world’s Superman. The Wonder Woman of that world is also Black and is apparently called “Nubia”. Click here to see the page where he’s introduced. President Obama did say he was born on Krypton albeit as a joke. The intro for this Black Superman is brief and doesn’t really contribute to the main story but damn it was good to see. Should it be surprising to see this happen during Black History month?
Now what we really need is a Black Superhero that’s not an offshoot of a White character and yes I am complaining. READ MORE…

  One Response to “President Black Superman & The Lack Of Ideas”

  1. The notion of a black character being a copy of superman is actually somewhat backwards . unfortunately the truth about African history is not common knowledge, but to get to the point the made up character superman is nothing more than a eurocentic version of the African god Heru. all of the powers, abilities and basic story behind superman all comes out of the story of Aset, Asar and Heru more commonly known by the greek names isis osiris and horus. superman is just another part of the stolen legacy of black people.

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