May 292010

Regardless of all the hype and negativity surrounding the Gary Coleman in his later years, I liked him. I especially liked him as a child actor.  Later in his life he just seemed like a guy who was trying to find his place in the world. You can’t blame him for that. He had multiple [...]

May 232010
Black Superheroes On The Web

Black Superhero stories from around the web: World Welcomes Makmende -Kenyan Super Hero Black Lightning and Me Marvel Developing Low-Budget Superhero Movies? Obama-Man: Is the new American president Africa’s long-awaited superhero? Kid Flicks: The Meteor Man (1993) strongest black superhero’s? John Singleton Set to Direct Miniseries ‘The Gray Men’ Jack Kirby originally drew the Black Panther [...]

May 122010
The New Power Man

We all know that Luke Cage used to go by the name Power Man. Now Marvel Comics is releasing a new teen-aged Superhero that will go by the same name. He will even be operating in a similar fashion by becoming a Hero for Hire over the Internet. You can read an article about it [...]