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One of the most frequent requests I get since I started this blog is more information about Sun-Man. Where can I get these action figures? Do you have a source? You can’t even find them on e-bay. I should know as I have checked, myself. I’m not actually a collector but if I could find a source for this elusive action figure, you can bet I’d have one and would be more than willing to share it. Considering the company, Olmec Toys,  is long out of business and the character lacks even a wikipedia entry, I’m not sure where to look.

There is a lot of information out there about the history of the Sun-Man character and the fate of Olmec Toys. None of this has helped me locate any of the inventory but if you’re interested in the story, check out this post here, this post, and lastly, this post.

My main reason for writing about this is to reach out to the community to see if there is actually a source or even an individual or two who is willing to sell or put such items up for bid. Help a brother out. If you or someone you know has any such information, please post it here so that anyone interested can contact you. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry, can’t help you. I do notice the similarities in the toy body frame being similar He-man (of which as a child I had several figures including He-man himself, man-at-arms and others). Maybe Olmec was a subsidary of the company that made the He-man action figures, No? Was it mattel or hasbro that made He-man?

  2. I did a little poking around. It seems the founder of Olmec toys, Ms. Yla Eason, is currently on the faculty at Medgar Evers College, a CUNY institute. I haven’t been able to find an email address for her, since it seems the staff directory is down but you might be able to contact her through the college.

  3. I’ve tried to find out more over the years, too. A year or two ago I saw a Sun-Man action figure on Ebay but it was for some huge, I don’t recall exactly, probably around $100, so I didn’t buy it. Periodically, I check again, to see if there’s another one available, to no avail.

  4. I greatly appreciate posts like this because I am currently trying to expand my Black Action Figure collection. Sun Man wasn’t even on my radar. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be looking as well. I would also appreciate any input from the other commenters to help expand my collection.

  5. How about this for a shocker (for those of you that have continued to take interest in the story of Sun Man and Olmec Toys over the decades)….

    The creator and former owner of Olmec Toys has actually been found and is alive and well.

    I was shocked when i found this out recently.

  6. I have been looking for Sun-Man figures for years, I have both Sun-Man and Pig Head. Many of us have had no luck in finding the others.

  7. I have one of the sun man figures. I have the pig man he is missing the two weapons he came with but has the spiked chest belt..I am willing to sell him at the right price..please leave comment if interested

  8. Yo I know I’m crazy, didn’t have a cartoon or comic book?? (Sun Man) I seen or read couple of episodes. It was deep and entertaining. My guess is Illuminati took is off!

  9. Yo I know I’m not crazy, didn’t they have a cartoon or comic book?? (Sun Man) I seen or read couple of episodes. It was deep and entertaining. My guess is Illuminati took is off!


    Sunman on ebay right know for…………………………………………………………….. $500 holy crap looks like Ill never get one. :(

  11. I have a brand new in unopened box sun man action figure that I’d be willing to put up for bid if there is enough interest? It in great condition but the packaging is a little beat up. I buy alot on eBay but don’t really sell much. My user name is mrksbbq if u wanted to look me up to check out my feedback rating. I can be reached at if u have any questions.

  12. would sell sun man and pig head for $300.00 each. Sun man has an afro

    rounded afro not flat top. Purchased in 80,s

  13. Wish I had seen before. We put up two sun-man figures. both in the packages one had the knifes and sword missing. They went for a hundred some.

  14. [...] Sun-Man was created by the same company as Butterfly Woman.  I remember seeing him on discount shelves a lot.  He apparently has a following — I never realized what it must have meant to a black kid growing up in the 1980s to see a line of fantasy toys where a black guy was the main character.  I was pretty sheltered even by white-guy standards. [...]

  15. I have website that has all the Sun-Man figures pictured loose and complete and carded. I searched for these figures for over a decade and finally completed this collection. I sold the carded collection to another collector a couple of years back so I do not have any for sell, but if you want more info then take a look at my website. check it out:

  16. I have a sun-man still in original packaging and a pig head in original packaging complete with everything that is in the box. The box and packaging is in pretty rough shape but it is still attached and holding together….. If anyone is interested make me an offer.
    email me at

  17. Moving to California and need to build some capital so I want to get rid of these in a hurry. I have both sunman and pighead in unopened original packaging. if anyone is interested email me with an offer

    leaving in less than 30 days so I am looking to get rid of these quickly

  18. Greetings All, JF here! I was the original artist for the Sun-Man mini-comic book, way back in 1985! I must say that it was a joy and an honor to work with Ms. Eason and The Olmec Toy Company nearly thirty years ago. And, as you can see, there is Still some interest in Sun Man! FANTASTIC!!!

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