Jan 242011

I have come to realize that while my knowledge of and love for Black Superheroes is extensive, there’s still a lot I have no clue about so I’m asking you, the readers. Tell me about some independent comics you know. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, artist, or just a reader like me. Webcomics count too. In fact any medium that showcases a Black Superhero is good. Whether you just want to get the word out on your own work or just share some stuff you’ve come across, all is welcome. Now I will say this, I won’t talk about what I don’t like but as long as it’s not something drawn with a crayon on notebook paper or written by someone illiterate, I’ll look into it, contact the creators and share it with you in these pages. You can send the info through the contact page or just as a comment to this post.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Check out Harlem Shadow and Lucius Hammer from Raven Hammer Comics


  2. I second that. I have those issues. Lucius Hammer and the Harlem Shadow are awesome characters. The creator, Brian Williams, will be introducing more fantastic characters.

  3. Jim Mitchell has been burning the candle at both ends. Teaching by day, and prowling the streets of Philly at night as The Finisher. When a new teacher joins the school staff, Jim finds a new friend. But The Finisher finds just the opposite with a new Villain in town. And could there be romance between Jim and the beautiful Dr. Keturah Yakiri?

    The Finisher is a Superhero without superpowers. The City of Brother Love is his home. By day he is Dr. Jim Mitchell, Teacher at the fictional Steven College in Philadelphia. Fans of Batman the animated series will enjoy the simple cartoony art, and classic good vs evil story line.


  4. Love for you to checkout The Enforcers Part One featuring Maddox Turner. Although a group book, Maddox Turner is the featured character in the first story, as well as the group’s leader. If interested, I’ll send you a copy.

  5. check out Genecy…it’s a cosmic comic book written by a brother named Gerald Cooper. He’s trying to bring cosmic back in this Silver Surfer meets Conan space opera. Not a ton of black characters yet, but they are on the way. Also Hotshot by Mike Watson of Freestyle Comics…Hotshot is on the Nightwing/Spidey tip…good artwork and fairly entertaining story.

  6. Check out the animated Grand Nubians series here on YOuTube:

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