Feb 042011

While many characters have worn the name, this particular Lobo has the distinction of being the first titular African-American hero? It could honestly be said that he was the first Black character to star in a comic series but the word ‘series’ would imply more than one issue. Number two never made it to the stands. In fact most of the copies of the first issue were rejected. The comic buying public just wasn’t buying the idea of a Black hero. 200,000 copies of the issue were printed but only 10-15 thousand were sold.

The character called Lobo was a wealthy Black gunslinger whose real name was unknown. He would leave a gold coin on the heads of his victims. The coin was imprinted with the image of a wolf and the letter ‘L’. Lobo was created by writer D. J. Arneson and artist Tony Tallarico for Dell Comics. You can find out more in the wikipedia entry or in Comic Book Legends Revealed #82.

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