Mar 152011
Lucius Hammer

I first ran into the character, Lucius Hammer, while searching for Black Superheroes online. The comic struck me visually first. The artwork is great. More recently I got the chance to read the first issue of Lucius Hammer and I have to say I liked it a lot. It’s an origin issue but what an [...]

Mar 112011

Jesse Aaronson AKA Jesse Bedlam is a mutant orphan in the Marvel Comics universe who originally had the ability to create a bio-electromagnetic field. It enabled him to disable certain technology in his vicinity. At a young age, he was recruited/obtained by Professor Charles Xavier’s Mutant Underground Support Engine (M.U.S.E.). He left them at the [...]

Mar 082011
Dynamite's Newest Black Superhero

Wayne Russell tests out his new powers and discovers that someone is watching him. When he tries to track them down, he falls into a trap set by the local gang he encountered last issue. They have a surprise in store for their superpowered nemesis. Meanwhile, halfway around the world, trouble brews in Afghanistan when [...]

Mar 042011
The Enforcers

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading The Enforcers by Three J Productions. The Enforcers are armed and trained agents of the DEA. Their mission is to take down drug cartels before they can unite and become stronger. The trainer and leader of The Enforcers is Maddox Turner, a Special Forces Commando with some secrets, [...]

Mar 012011
The Black Ranger?

Okay so more than once someone has suggested that I include the original Black Power Ranger as a Black Superhero. Maybe it’s because I’m too old or maybe it’s because I think the whole Power Ranger thing is just silly, either way, I have been more than a little reluctant to include him. The other [...]