Apr 272011
Is Afrodisiac Out of Print?

I haven’t been able to confirm this but that’s what they’re saying at Shadow and Act. At least I got my copy which I love by the way. It does seem to be available at Amazon.com but at a ridiculous price or should I say a price that speaks to its true value. Can’t afford it? I understand. [...]

Apr 252011
New Heroes In The Lucius Hammer Universe

Prepare for the debut of a new group of Black Superheroes over at RavenHammer Comics. According to the creator, “These cats are bit players in the Lucius Hammer series…I, Hammer but they will all appear in their own self contained one shots as we continue to launch this new and strange world of never before [...]

Apr 222011
Iron Man 2.0 #5 - Preview (First Look)

“Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Iron Man 2.0 #5, from red hot writer Nick Spencer and acclaimed artist Ariel Olivetti! Fear Itself is rampaging across the Marvel Universe and War Machine heads into the fight! But when Rhodey’s high-tech weapons fail, there’s only one team to turn to – Iron Fist [...]

Apr 152011
Black Invincible?

I ran across this image online earlier this month and waited for some accompanying news but alas, there’s still no news and I got tired of waiting. I am a big fan of the Invincible comic already and have previously posted about some of the Black Superheroes in that universe. This image was released April 1st but [...]

Apr 132011
Black Superheroes On The Web - April 2011

Black Superhero stories from around the web: Essential Hotshot #1 and so Much More Director Kenneth Branagh Addresses Casting Of Idris Elba In “Thor” Rest In Power Dwayne McDuffie (Scroll down a bit after you click on the link to see the image.) The new Aqualad has an action figure Illustrated Novel: The Elite Forces [...]