Jun 202011
Avengers - Rage

Elvin Daryl Haliday is Rage. Exposed to toxic chemicals as a 13 year old, Elvin began to mutate, increasing in size, strength, and invulnerability until he appeared to be a muscular man in his mid 30′s. He put together his own costume which included a ski mask and leather outfit and became a vigilante. Later he confronted the Avengers and demanded they make him a member and scolded Captain America for the team’s not having any Black members. Despite initial rejection, Rage ultimately fought alongside the Avengers and became a provisional member. He performed well for in this capacity for a time but when Captain America found out Elvin’s true age, he demoted him to Trainee which Elvin found unacceptable.

Feeling rejected by the Avengers, Rage became a member of the New Warriors and battled alongside them for a time. During that time his grandmother was killed right in front of him making him an orphan. He donned a new costume which included a helmet, dealt with his troubles with the help of friend and teammate Night Thrasher and continued his superhero career. Though not always so, and despite personal and team related setbacks, Rage is still a member of the New Warriors at the time of this writing.

Rage’s powers and abilities include tremendous super human strength, stamina, speed, durability, reflexes and recuperation. Like his name would suggest, his strength seems to increase when he uses it in violent ways. He is young and likely a teenager though his appearance would suggest otherwise. He has had combat training both from Captain America and Night Thrasher. His first appearance was in 1990 in The Avengers #326. He has also appeared on TV briefly, a cameo actually, in the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series episode entitled “To Battle the Living Planet.” A video is attached below. Rage’s appearance is near the beginning along wht the rest of the Avengers and the New Warriors. Blink and you’ll miss it.

It would appear that Rage is an officially justified ‘angry Black man’ with the power to back it up.

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  1. Fabian Nicieza did some really great things with Rage back in the first New Warriors series. Since then, he has never really been allowed to be anything more than an occasional “brick” in various books he appears. But at least he didn’t die with most of the Warriors in Civil War.

  2. ah, yes, Rage. I think I have a couple of the new warriors issues with him in it. I even have one issue or two from the Night Thrasher miniseries, I have to check to see if Rage was in it though. Dang, I haven’t been following the comics as of late and didn’t know most of those members from the New Warriors died, bummer…

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