Jul 302011

In the absence of the Boondocks cartoon, nothing gets me more geeked than the upcoming Black Dynamite animated series on Adult Swim. I’m ready to laugh and pre-order the DVD collection. Considering the series is not due to air until 2012, it’s good to know that we’ll at least get to see the pilot next month. Here’s the quick press release: “The pilot of 2012′s most hotly anticipated blaxploitation-movie-turned-cartoon is coming exclusively to Adultswim.com in August. Watch more Press Releases on adultswim.com”

I haven’t seen the pilot yet but apparently someone else has. You can find their detailed review here. I guess that’s what I get for missing this year’s Comic con. I’ve attached the teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure. I did enjoy it but after watching it I have one question. What’s with the muppets?

  2 Responses to “Black Dynamite Tease Coming Soon”

  1. Oh i *WILL* be watching and owning every episode!

    With regard to the muppets…a few things came to mind when i saw them..

    1. Gnarls Barkley ” Go Go Gadget Gospel”

    2. These “animated muppets” being caricatures of characters (and stereotypes). Most henchmen in fiction are indeed being manipulated and controlled by a leader just like a puppet.

    3. Having a man perform kung fu on muppets is WTF? funny LOL

    4. Having a black man constantly karate chop the ‘ish out of white henchmen might get old to the total audience let alone a certain demographic within the total audience (white males).

  2. You make some good points.

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