Jul 132011

Though I’d heard of them, I’d never read any of the original BlackJack comics but I am familiar with his creator Alex Simmons. He created the ill-fated DC Comics character Orpheus. Apparently his BlackJack character was well received and has considerable potential. Who is BlackJack? Well BlackJack is Arron Day, an African-American soldier of fortune whose adventures take place in the 1930′s. Armed with his father’s vintage twin Walker Colts, Arron performs a variety of risky undertakings all while carrying the obvious burden of being a successfull Black man in his times. Now Alex Simmons wants to return to BlackJack to print with all-new material and you can be part of it. Mr. Simmons is seeking funding to create a new BlackJack anthology. Check out the Kickstarter video:

You can find out more about BlackJack on the official website. The site contains is rich with media about the character including images, video, and even a short story. If you’d like to know more about the thinking and passion behind the creation of the hero, check out this video from BlackSuperherodoc:

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