Aug 022011

It seems to be more than a rumor but less than verified fact. Rocket, from Milestone Comics, sidekick of the Superhero Icon may be joining the animated series Young Justice next season. At least this appears to be the case. This image shows what is supposed to be new characters being introduced to the show next season. The character is definitely Black and that could be Rocket’s inertia belt she’s wearing. The truth is while the image looks official enough, there has been no official word of this character joining the series so this is I guess only strong speculation. Either way it’s be nice to see another Black character other than Aqualad on the show.

Young Justice has been renewed for a second season but there are still quite a few episodes left from the first season that have yet to air. It will probably be some time in 2012 when we see this new character in action. Time will tell.

  3 Responses to “Will Rocket Join Young Justice?”

  1. *sigh* and YET i haven’t seen ICON anywhere .


  2. I can’t wait

  3. I look forward to anytime they incorporate the Milestone characters into the mainstream. I’m hoping this is also a gateway for ICON to appear as well.

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