Oct 162011

I’ve been following the Young Justice animated series since it started. The animation is great but many of the episodes have been a bit boring. What can I say, I’m a die hard fan. Anyway, the latest episode entitled “Revelation” was definitely not boring. In addition to the main cast of characters having to go up against a Secret Society of Supervillains, many other heroes showed up for the first time, including Icon and Rocket. Yes it was only a cameo but that’s a start right?

I’ve heard unconfirmed rumors of Rocket becoming part of Young Justice in season 2. I guess that can still happen and may even be more likely since now she’s already appeared in the series. She looks great right? Icon does too. I wonder if either of them are actually part of the Justice League in this universe. Anyway, it’s good to see Milestone characters other than Static finally show up on the small screen.

Black Adam has a much bigger role in the episode but it’s not a speaking one. It was almost like he was used exclusively as hired muscle. Here’s a portion of the episode for your viewing pleasure, at least until someone forces me to take it down. Enjoy!

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  1. …I did a double take when i saw ICON and immediately fund myself grinning with my mouth open. I backed the footage up to make sure that it was indeed ICON and found myself rushing here once i confirmed it. You hadnt posted yet but i was eager to read your take on it :)

    Indeed…it is a start. Hopefully something more comes of it.

    With that said i’m catching up on Static Shock episodes as i hadnt ever seen the animated series before. Wow was that intro music horrible . Its a well written show though so i have no problem skipping the intro. Despite it being well written it’s really hard for me to identify with Static and that …costume. I’d give a body part for an ICON animated series.

  2. It was a great episode.

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