Dec 052011

“One of the most prominent and popular African-American super heroes, STEEL will be making his debut into the world of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 on December 7.

Equal parts Superman and folk legend John Henry (to whom the name of his alter ego, John Henry Irons, is an homage), Steel will appear in ACTION COMICS #4 – written by critically acclaimed, bestselling author Grant Morrison and illustrated by Rags Morales.”

Is it just me or does this new version of Steel look a bit like the old Hardware? Well maybe not. I do miss the mask covering the whole face thing. At first glance, this version of John Henry is not so much inspired by Superman but seems to stand along side him. Time will tell.

  4 Responses to “The New Steel Debuts in Action Comics”

  1. Looks interesting. I like how they are weaving him into the new universe.

  2. I’m going to check him out, but I’m hoping that that’s not the costume in it’s entirety.

    • Actually, it looks like this is the early version of the Steel armor. The suit will likely get upgrades as the series progresses.

      One thing that impressed me was how the issue fleshed out John Henry Irons beyond the “Black substitute for Superman” caricature he’s had to deal with. And this is pulled off int just a FEW pages.

      Now, that is great storytelling.

  3. I am a big STEEL fan. I think I’ll get a run for my young cousin for a present. I got him a Milestone run and he loved it. I think we need to start a letter writing campaign and get Steel back full time in the Superman DC Universe. I want him with the slimmer more powerful armor with the hammer that goes faster the longer it travels. I’ll be getting some Steel books signed down in San Diego at Comic Con this summer.

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