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One of my readers and frequent contributor to the comments section sent me an email the other day asking me who I would assemble if I got to create a Black Avengers team. He gave me only five slots and asked me to name the heroes and why I’d choose them. I came up with my five and why but have since had second thoughts and made an adjustment or two. Here’s my updated roster:

  • Blue Marvel – He’s Superman level strong, cosmically powered and has a brain that could possibly be Reed Richards level. I can’t say I’ve loved how this character has been used in the Marvel Universe but like many under-utilized characters I still believe he has serious potential. Besides that, you just can’t knock that kind of indestructibility, power and calm intelligence. Even without his powers he could probably handle all the technology needs of the team. He was a scientist even before the accident that empowered him.
  • Black Panther – This guy’s probably over utilized but what has been consistent about his portrayal  is his tactical and planning ability. Call it jungle cunning if you like. If Blue Marvel is the Superman of the group then this guy is the Batman. He’s more than knowledgeable on nearly any subject and has a contingency for nearly any situation. He could be the tactical leader of the team and most would follow him without question. Regardless of his power level there is nobody he wouldn’t go up against. He’s technically savvy and even dabbles in magic when need be.
  • Storm – She’s already married to the Black Panther but she’d be invited to join regardless of their relationship. Not only would she be able to hold her own but she would be able to command the respect of every team member with her power and presence. Similar to Wonder Woman in some respects, she is looked up to by women and in some circles she is even considered to be a goddess. Her mutant abilities would enable her to affect a large area enabling her to subdue multiple foes simultaneously. Weather control is a versatile power which would enable her to come up with multiple ways to deal with challenges and assist her teammates. She’s well trained and combat ready even without her powers and no slouch in the tactical area either. She would also bring a bit of Spirituality to the team.
  • Doctor Voodoo – We’re talking Sorcerer Supreme here. If he’s hasn’t been killed off, his powers and abilities are useful on multiple levels. Even powerless he could be the team’s doctor and overall healer. As far as what he can do for the team with his powers, well consider team teleportation, binding and divining spells, and magical shields and barriers at the most basic. He would have a unique kind of awareness and perspective too. His counsel alone would be priceless and considering his power level, (Did I mention he was Sorcerer Supreme?),what couldn’t he do?
  • Photon - She’s the energy powerhouse and perhaps a team speedster. She can assume and emit any form of electromagnetic energy. We’re talking invisibility, intangibility, energy beams, holograms, and light-speed flight and that’s just the beginning. Few barriers could resist her power and she would not easily be contained. She be good in space and on the ground in both power and stealth. She’s a former harbor patrol officer and ship captain and is used to giving and commanding respect. *** Please note that even though I love this character, she barely made this list. There are a few other’s I’m still considering for the fifth and final member of this team.

I know I left a lot of good Black Superheroes out of this list but consider this: The above would be my Alpha team. They would handle the highest level threats and could be sent on space and inter-dimensional missions, repel invaders, and take on the big name villains. If I had my choice I wouldn’t limit them to five members either but that’s the number I was given so I’m trying to work with it. I’ll give you my second team in another post. What are your thoughts? Any suggestions?

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  1. Five isn’t enough, but you have to start with a core group. I think you chose a nicely balanced all-purpose team, although I’m not a fan of the the wish-fulfillment character that is Blue Marvel. (And you just know he almost called Black Marvel…)

    My team would be:
    Black Panther (can’t avoid this pairing)
    Luke Cage
    The Falcon
    Misty Knight

    Not as powerful as the team you suggested, but the combination of them all could take down a physical threat as well as a more covert one.

  2. Great teams, and honestly I couldn’t ask for more. Now for a villain’s list…

  3. Nearly PERFECT list. I dig everyone you had on there.

  4. I’d go BP, Storm, War Machine, Photon, Blade

  5. Black Panther ( leader)
    Luke Cage
    War Machine

    Firepower, Cunning, Weather Control, Energy Manipulation, and Strength.
    Best. Combo. Ever.

    Now how about a Black JLA?

    John Stewart
    Mr. Terrific
    Black Lightning

  6. Here is my list:
    Storm (leader)
    M or Monet

    I know, my team is offeat and nearly half of them are young (Rage and M) but I think together under the leadership of Storm, they should do well over time (I hope). This was fun.

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  8. This is a great group. If I could do a Dark Avengers team, I would go with Rage, Wind Eagle, Night Thrasher, Apache, Moses Magnum, Misty Knight, Cloak, Wild Streak Silhouette and Lion Fang+cats.

  9. I see someone at least has some of the same taste in superheroes as I do (Rage). Wouldn’t Cloak need to have Dagger with him though?

  10. I don’t know about that. I think Cloak can work it on his own.
    I just got a fresh blank cover commission from Ron Wilson with Rage, Thrasher, Misty and Wind Eagle. Maybe you can have a way for people to post of send you art they get of black heroes/characters.

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