Jan 072013
Thunder & Lightning Clip

It’s a new year and Cartoon Network has finally aired one of the shorts featuring Black Lightning and his daughters, Thunder and Lightning. I’m not exactly sure where they’re going with this but I’m going in expecting it to be silly. The animation is better than I expected considering the quality of many of the [...]

Aug 062012
IQ of the Bionic Six

The Bionic Six was a 90′s animated cartoon about a family of adventurers that had been given technological enhancements in the form of bionics. Most of the family was white but there was one Asian kid (for the Bionic Kung Fu,) and one Black kid nicknamed IQ who were members via adoption. While this was [...]

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Jul 202012
Young Justice Gets Some Static

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the airing of the rest of the second season of Young Justice. Now I’m even more excited because we’ll get to see Static. The character is set to appear in at least one episode this season. We’ve already seen Icon and Rocket. I wonder if we’ll get any more Milestone characters. [...]