Mar 212011
My Time In Reggie's World

A few days after the passing of Dwayne McDuffie I went to attend Reggie’s World at Golden Apple comics, the event launching Reginald Hudlin’s new site. I hung out there for a few hours and talked to a lot of people. It was like a Black Superhero Comic Con. Never before have I seen so many [...]

Oct 152010
The Origin Of The Black Age Of Comics

I won’t be able to attend the 13th Annual Black Age Convention in Chicago this year. “BLACK AGE XIII” WILL BE OCT. 15TH, & 16TH, 2010 THIS ANNUAL CONVENTION IS A GROUP EXHIBITION, LECTURE, VENDING SITUATIONS, SIGNINGS, AND WORKSHOPS. If you can make it, tell us about it. Here’s a bit of video about the [...]