Feb 272012
Preview: Invincible #89

“EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW! There’s someone new in the Invincible costume, but why – and for how long? Answers to all these questions and more in this monumental status-quo-altering issue!” I’ve always been a fan of the Invincible comic, both the writing and the artwork. I’m a fan of the character and the whole universe [...]

Dec 072011
Preview: Static Shock #4

“Static is hot on Piranha’s trail, but will he be able to stop Piranha from building his metahuman army? Plus: The Pale Man’s true allegiance is revealed, and a foe from Static’s past has returned – and he’s brought his latest Q-juice creation: Guillotina!” Is anyone else keeping up with this series? I’d like to [...]

Dec 052011
The New Steel Debuts in Action Comics

“One of the most prominent and popular African-American super heroes, STEEL will be making his debut into the world of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 on December 7. Equal parts Superman and folk legend John Henry (to whom the name of his alter ego, John Henry Irons, is an homage), Steel will appear in ACTION COMICS [...]

Nov 142011
Preview: Avengers Origins: Luke Cage #1

“EXPLODING FROM THE PAGES OF NEW AVENGERS… What makes someone a hero? An Avenger? Is it super-powers? An indomitable will? An innate sense of right and wrong? For Luke Cage its one terrible mistake that has haunted him his entire life. But can a lifetime of good deeds make up for his years spent on [...]