Feb 102013
Eyes on the Stars

As you know Black History month has come around again so I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a real Black Superhero, one who exists in our dimension. Ronald McNair was raised in a time when Blacks and Whites had to use separate facilities but ultimate grew up to obtain a PhD in physics, a Black [...]

Jul 112012
Who is Miles Morales?

I haven’t seen the new Spider-Man movie but I haven’t heard many great things about it. Maybe they’d do better making a movie about the new Ultimate Spider-Man or would they categorically deny him like they’re trying to do President Obama these days. Anyway, if they did make a movie about Miles Morales, I’d definitely [...]

Jul 112011
Malik Yoba Plays A Strong Black Man

If you don’t already know, Malik Yoba has scored a role in the Sci-Fi channel’s new series Alphas. He plays a character named Bill Harken that has the ability to temporarily increase his strength and resistance to harm by consciously activating his fight-or-flight response and flooding his body with adrenaline . He’s one of the [...]

Jun 162011
Mark Of Uru: A Nigerian Animated Cartoon Series

Found this online thanks to Shadow & Act. “Uru tells the tale of Azuka, a girl born with a birthmark identical to the tattoo of the banished village sorceress Uru. Azuka’s mother’s tries desperately to keep the birthmark hidden from plain sight, but isn’t entirely successful, when it’s eventually made public, and Azuka becomes a [...]