Feb 062012
Black Superheroes On The Web

Here are some stories about Black Superheroes from around the web: The Bat Signal: Judd Winick On BATWING’S Dark Past The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters New/Old Heroes to Challenge ‘White, Right’ Status Quo African-American Classics Presents Comic Book Adaptations Of Stories By Early Black Authors, Illustrated By Contemporary Black Artists. Project: Acropolis [...]

Jul 042011
Black Superheroes On The Web - July 2011

Black Superhero stories from around the web: In Whitest Day, In Blackest Night: Race And The Green Lantern Movie Op/Ed – Green Lantern: The Truth About Black And Green Latest X-Men Movie A Symbol Of Comic Book Industry’s Racism Standing In The Ruins Of Another Black Man’s Life Which Black Superheroes Should Be On The [...]