Jun 132013
The Mighty Black Avengers

So…The New Mighty Avengers will include Adam, The Blue Marvel, Luke Cage, the new Power Man, Falcon, and Monica Rambeau…oh and also White Tiger, She-Hulk, a new Ronin, and Spider-Man. I gotta say, that’s a lot of people of color in one book and I, for one, am very excited about it. This group has [...]

May 142012
My Black Avengers Team

One of my readers and frequent contributor to the comments section sent me an email the other day asking me who I would assemble if I got to create a Black Avengers team. He gave me only five slots and asked me to name the heroes and why I’d choose them. I came up with my five [...]

Jan 122009
The Former Captain Marvel

It just doesn’t pay to be a flawless hero. If you don’t have any flaws then the writers must visit misfortune upon you frequently to keep you interesting. I think that’s what happened to Monica Rambeau, formerly Captain Marvel and formerly Photon. I think her code name is now Pulsar. We’ll see if that sticks. [...]