Oct 132013
Black Superheroes On The Web - October 2013

Black Superhero stories from around the web: 13 Comics to Read in 2013- Indy Edition Vixen and The Black Panther, Vixen and The Black Panther Cosplay WATSON & HOLMES Reborn as Black, Modern-Day Harlem Crime-fighters March: Book One Green Lantern and War Machine African Gods & Goddesses Re-Envisioned in New “Yorùbá African Orishas” Photography Series [...]

Jun 032011
Black Superheroes Get Their Own Series In DC Relaunch

You probably already know that DC is relaunching pretty much everything in a few months, 52 series in all. I’ve been trying to find out where some of our favorite Black Superheroes will land. There really isn’t much news but some covers have just been released. It looks like Mister Terrific and Firestorm have landed [...]